A Better Alternative to
Traditional Health Insurance

Replace expensive health insurance with a new and more affordable approach to health and healthcare.

Health Benefits Reimagined

Health insurance isn’t healthcare.

Great health has little to do with traditional health insurance and fee-for-service medicine, where the sicker the patient the more money everyone makes.   

These new health benefits are focused on your individual health and lowering the cost of healthcare. By layering healthy innovations like subscription-based primary care with medical cost sharing to help with the cost of large unexpected medical bills, patients and doctors are motivated by health instead of money.

Are you ready for true health benefits that work for your lifestyle and your budget?  

Whether you are an individual, a family, or even a small business owner, now you can afford health benefits that are better than what most large employers can offer. 

The Basics

Scoop Health Benefits


To choose medical cost sharing over traditional health insurance.

Big Savings

30-50% less than traditional health insurance.

Fewer Limitations

See any doctor or hospital you like.

Everyday Care

Unlimited no-cost primary care anytime, anywhere.

How It Works

Alternative to Traditional Health Insurance

Scoop Health gave me a new perspective on how healthcare should be paid for. I used to be.. 'health insurance all the way'. I had just always heard that health insurance was the best, and you had to have health insurance or things could be really bad for you. I had no idea that there was such a better way. OK it was a little unusual at first, but now I feel total peace of mind knowing we are members in this like minded community of people sharing each other's medical needs. It's pretty smart. Now my family is using a DPC doctor and medical cost sharing. I'm so pleased I've even offered to pay for my most valuable employees as well.
Roger Capp
I'm saving over $3,000 per year because I found Scoop Health through a friend in my networking group. What's even better is that this is such a huge improvement over my old health insurance. You guys are exactly the answer I needed. This is great for my healthcare needs and my budget! Yes, I'm very happy with my health benefits, thanks for asking.
John Land
Prior to switching, I was insured by Blue Cross/Blue Shield. The premiums for my wife and I were getting out of hand. We were paying over $1,700 a month. I heard about Scoop Health from a friend I’ve known since 1983. He told me the advantages, including how his daughters torn ACL was handled – – I'm not going to lie, I was really impressed. It seemed like such a logical way of handling big medical expenses. I love that I am now saving $1000 on my monthly expenses, and better protection than I had with my health insurance. My prescriptions are actually cheaper too. I already recommended my adult son to sign up with Scoop Health and he did too. I think something like this is long overdue, and I highly recommend it.
Rock M. Gold

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