About Us

The Scoop

Scoop Health is on a mission to fundamentally change the way employers provide ACA compliant employee health benefits. We help companies get a better return on investment by providing next generation health benefits that appeal more to today’s employees and provide them with more choices and better access to everyday care.

Our Story

Scoop Health was started to help business leaders who are desperate for a more affordable alternative to traditional group health insurance. 

Our founder brings the experience, insight and passion to reimagine employee health benefits by layering the Individual Coverage HRA with the latest health innovations like membership based care and medical cost sharing. 

Our mission is to help businesses take the leap to a new generation of health benefits that align better with the health and expectations of a new generation of employees.

After years of group health insurance calling the shots, its nice to finally give employees better options and the freedom to choose.


Art Goetze

Founder & CEO

Zen and the Art of Start-ups, Roll-ups, ER Medicine and Rock Climbing


Grace Gosnell

Marketing & Enrollment Director

Solution Shaper and Community Builder, Literacy Champion

Client Testimonials

Scoop Health gave me a whole new perspective on how healthcare should be paid for. I used to be health insurance all the way. Now I am using medical cost sharing for my family as well as a local direct primary care provider. It's worked incredibly well and it's even affordable enough for me to offer it for my best employees.
Roger C
I'm saving over $3,000 per year because I found Scoop Health through a friend. What's even better is that I realized this is such a no-brainer and meets my needs in a way that health insurance just couldn't touch. I travel a lot and love the peace of mind that even if I'm out of the country, I'm still protected from accidents and unexpected medical bills.
John L
Prior to switching, I was insured by Blue Cross/Blue Shield and paying $1,700 a month for my wife and I. I heard about Scoop Health from a friend who told me about the advantages and it seemed like a smart way of handling medical expenses. I like the fact that I am saving almost $1000 a month and have protection for any type of catastrophic illness. I have already recommended my adult son join Scoop Health and he's signed up too. I think something like this is long overdue and I highly recommend it.
Rick G