Direct Primary Care

What Exactly is Direct Primary Care?

The basics

Direct Primary Care is healthcare the way it used to be, back when patients had a direct relationship with their personal doctor.

We believe the best care happens when third-party payers are removed from the equation and patients are free to access care without worrying about staying in their network. Direct Primary Care practices are growing rapidly across the nation to provide people with this exact solution for their primary and preventive medical needs.

What you get

Direct Primary Care is a new and innovative approach to primary care that does away with the typical insurance hassles. By paying a monthly membership fee (rather than insurance copays and subsequent bills), patients typically get:


  • Unlimited office visits
  • 24/7 access to doctor (via phone, text, or video chats)
  • Low cost labs, x-rays and medications
  • Same or Next Day Appointments
  • Chronic care coordination
  • A discount on your Scoop Health cost sharing membership


Note: Scoop can help you find a DPC doctor in your area. We do not endorse individual providers. We suggest you interview any potential doctor before making your choice.  A DPC membership is not associated with Scoop Health in anyway. We just work great together.