Health Benefits for Individuals and Families

Scoop Health is the best way for individuals and families to secure great health benefits for an affordable monthly rate.  Perfect for people trying to live a healthy lifestyle, but still needing a way to prepare for large unexpected healthcare needs. 

At the foundation of great health, is great primary care.  Which is why our programs include an unlimited primary care membership with providers such as: Next Level Prime, MeMD, Bowtie, or Walmart Health for individuals, families and employee groups.

To help pay the bills for any large unexpected medical needs we add a medical cost sharing membership.  An affordable alternative to traditional health insurance that is ideal for healthy people. It costs less and encourages healthy lifestyles. It also supports free choice in healthcare without the restrictions and profit motivations of traditional health insurance and typically costs 30-50% less.

How Cost Sharing Works

Members commit to a healthy lifestyle and to manage their healthcare costs directly. This keeps the costs down for everyone in the community. When the going gets tough, members pay an Initial Unsharable Amount and then share any remaining eligible medical expenses with the community.

Instead of paying monthly insurance premiums, cost sharing members contribute a set monthly amount to a non-profit community that is established to share the medical needs of members. It’s considerably less expensive because there is no health insurance profit and significantly less overhead in the medical cost sharing model. 

Instead of co-pays for routine care needs, members can also be registered in a subscription based
direct primary care program providing unlimited no-cost virtual primary care.  

Combining Medical Cost Sharing + Virtual Primary Care is an outstanding benefit for healthy individuals and families.  

Most people save 30 – 50% compared to health insurance.

Great Health Benefits

For Individuals & Families

Direct Primary Care

Unlimited virtual primary care visits with your doctor for everyday care needs.


Everyday care needs cost nothing, plus low-cost sharing memberships for large medical needs.


Primary care memberships focus on health, not fees. Pick any specialist, there's no network

Direct primary care plus
Medical Cost Sharing

This is a powerful combination that focuses on saving your money and preserving your health. 

Direct Primary Care lets you focus on your everyday health, instead of the hassles of health insurance.  You have unlimited access to your dedicated virtual primary care team, anytime, anywhere.  

If things get more serious your medical cost sharing membership stands ready to step-in and help with any large medical needs that come up.

By paying doctors a flat monthly membership the member’s health is the only priority.  These doctors don’t take insurance, they don’t charge by the service.  Instead of the sicker you are, the more money they make, your doctor is uniquely aligned and incentivised to help you stay you healthy.

When higher level care comes up your choice of medical cost sharing community will be there to help you navigate higher level care and make payment and sharing  arrangements for all your expensive care needs. 

doctor patient meeting

Medical Cost Sharing Choices:

We help you select and register with either of two different medical cost sharing communities. The each have slight variations in member benefits and user experience.  

Let us help you choose the membership that works best for you and your family! 

Zion HealthShare
Community Size:
IUA Choices:
$500, $1,000, $1,500, $2,500, $5,000
$1,000, $2,500, $5,000
Pre-Membership Conditions:
36 months prior to membership
Year 1, no sharing
Year 2, $25,000
Year 3, $50,000
Year 4 and on, fully sharable
24 months prior to membership
Year 1, no sharing
Year 2, $25,000
Year 3, $50,000
Year 4 and on, $125,000 annual limit
Telemedicine Access:
Preventive Care:
Colonoscopies, mammographies, and childhood immunizations
Optional – One annual office visit, colonoscopies, mammographies, childhood immunizations, and well child visits
Maternity Sharing:
Shared at 2x the IUA up to $5,000
Shared at the normal IUA
Smoking Surcharge:
$75 for households with one or more tobacco or vape user
$50 for households with one or more tobacco or vape user
Death Benefit:
$10,000 for Primary Member $10,000 for Dependent Spouse or Child
Paying for Care:
Members open a Sharing Request and submit bills in the member portal
Members open a Sharing Request and submit bills in the member portal