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The New Alternative to Group Health Insurance for Large Employers

Recent ACA changes created the Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement or ICHRA. It’s called the 401K of health benefits because it’s a flexible way for employers to provide better employee health benefits, for less money. 

ICHRA opens up a whole new approach to employee health benefits that replaces group health insurance with health benefits that every employee can use. Not just the sickest, as with group health insurance.  

An ICHRA strategy satisfies the ACA, eliminating penalty risk.  With the right ICHRA approach average employers will save 20-40% vs traditional group health insurance premiums.  Employees get better health benefits and including no cost primary, preventative and virtual urgent care.  Removing all financial barriers to getting the healthcare they need to stay healthy.     

Employees can choose traditional health insurance or a medical cost-sharing alternative to pay for larger needs. This simple choice eliminates the unfairness of traditional health insurance by giving healthy employees a lower cost alternative.  

ICHRA gets employers out of the health insurance business. There’s no health plans to design or manage, no ugly renewals, and no employee health risk to worry about. Monthly rates are planned and predictable with no surprises. Best of all annual renewals are simple and easy for employees, and employers.  

Making the switch from group health insurance all starts with a free financial analysis of your group and your current health benefits compared to an ICRHA approach. Get in touch to find out how much your business can save.

Real Employer Benefits

Attract, Reward, and Retain

Real first dollar health benefits that every single employee needs and appreciates.

Stop Managing Employee Health Risk

Stop managing health insurance and ACA penalties. Our ICHRA strategy eliminates health risk and ugly renewals.

Increased Profits

Better employee benefits that cost 30-50% less than traditional health insurance.

Real Employee Benefits

Real Savings

Zero cost for all your routine healthcare needs and a lower share of any large unexpected medical bills.

A Doctor in Your Pocket

Anytime access to your primary care team. Virtual Rx refills or speak with an urgent care provider, right now.

Freedom to Choose

See any doctor you want, instead of letting health insurance pick your provider.

Comparing group health insurance VS medical cost sharing

Health insurance and medical cost sharing both solve the very same problem.  They both pay for large unexpected medical bills, after a portion is paid by the patient. The key difference is, one is motivated to keep people healthy, the other has shareholders who invested expecting to make a profit. 

Both alternatives have rules. One restricts the providers and your health care choices. The other lets employees pick any provider or hospital and make the health care choices they feel are best for them.  

Both health insurance and medical cost sharing have a purpose.  One encourages healthy lifestyles and treats individuals equally and fairly. The other one is health insurance.  

And medical Cost sharing is typically 30-50% less than the typical high deductible group health insurance premium.

When health insurance companies pay more in claims, they just increase the premiums to make their profit margin. Likewise, when a non-profit sharing community needs more funds to pay members medical bills, all the member’s monthly investment goes up.  The cost-sharing model has none of the insurance overhead or profit expectations so its more affordable.  

Health insurance gets to decide what is covered and which doctors you can see. Medical cost sharing allows you to see any doctor to get the care you need.

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Next Steps

It all starts with a simple conversation. 

Get in touch to find out if this might be better for your business, and for your employees. 

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