Medical Cost Sharing for All With Scoop Health

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Scoop Health and the Sedera medical cost sharing community were founded on a dream – affordable, accessible, quality health care for all. We have stripped away the strict faith-based requirements of traditional medical cost sharing. But we improved on the core principles of community strength by adding technology and great medical bill negotiation skills. Above all, medical cost sharing puts the member’s health and medical care needs first.

Our medical cost sharing community offers solutions for individuals, businesses, and families. As with the first medical cost sharing communities, with Scoop Health the member has complete control over their own care. You decide which provider you want to use, what treatment suits you, and how to best look after your family. Our medical cost sharing community is there to help you bear the sometimes excess financial burden of quality health care. We and the community will support you in whatever way we can. 


Art Goetze – The Founder  of Scoop Health 

Art Goetze, a successful entrepreneur, and businessman started Scoop Health with a mission – to fix the healthcare system. No small feat. Art started his revolution by launching freestanding ERs that spread all across the country. He saw a devastating need – people dying due to ridiculous wait periods at hospital emergency rooms, and then paying crippling medical bills on top. Art was troubled by what he saw and so, he came up with a solution.

During this endeavor, Art got a real sense of just how broken our health system is. Constantly, he was confronted with wasted resources and empty overhead, inflating prices astronomically just to get fairly reimbursed by insurance companies. His freestanding ERs addressed some of these issues, decreasing the amount left for the customer to pay. Yet, Art felt that America needed something more.

Art saw big insurance companies denying claims and putting profits before people. This is when he realized a need to help people finance the extreme cost of their health without health insurance. This is when he teamed up with Dr. Tony Dale and the team at Sedera Health, who also shared this vision.  Dr Dale had been working with Christian based medical cost sharing communities for over 25 years. Art was confident he could shift millions of Americans to this better way of paying for expensive healthcare- not just those of a particular faith. A vision of American people being able to get the quality health care they deserve, without facing financial ruin or delaying necessary care over financial reasons..

A Medical Cost Sharing Community Bonded in Health

There is no reason that people should be denied access to good quality, affordable health care based on their religion. If one person is Catholic and another is Methodist and both need surgery – is one of them not worthy because of their religion? Absolutely not. Withholding health care from people with different beliefs is not the American way. It’s not even the Christian way. After all, the Bible says love thy neighbor, not only love thy neighbor if they believe what you do. So, some of these faith-based medical cost sharing communities aren’t always practicing what they preach.

At Scoop Health, we ask members to pledge themselves to maintain their good health to the best of their ability. Our community is bonded by the common goal of taking charge of our lives and our health. By making smart financial moves, Scoop Health makes healthcare affordable. Our members typically save between 30-60%.  

How Scoop Health’s Medical Cost Sharing Works 

Every member of the community pays a fixed monthly share with rates starting from as low as $213. The community pools these funds together, setting aside 15% in an Excess Needs Fund – earmarked for large catastrophic medical needs. When a member has a need, they are responsible for a small IUA (initial unshareable amount), and the community shares the rest of the cost of their healthcare.

After an individual member has had three medical needs in one year (or five if it’s a family), the IUA falls away and all medical needs that year become completely sharable from the first dollar.  Check out this video to learn how medical cost sharing with Scoop Health works. 

Looking After Our Medical Cost Sharing Community

We incorporate all of the traditional values of medical cost sharing into our modernized model. Our medical cost sharing community is a group of like-minded individuals. We support each other with the financial burden of staying healthy. Like traditional medical cost sharing communities, our model focuses on making the community large. The bigger the community is, the more diluted the risk, and the more we are able to predict the medical needs of the whole.

But most importantly, we put the community needs above profit. In fact, the Sedera community is actually a non-profit structure, so every dollar of members sharing goes to other members’ medical needs. Sedera as the community manager gets paid a fee to manage the community and Scoop Health is compensated for new member enrollment services and onboarding. 

As we have constantly reiterated, our primary goal is to help our members to affordably lead fulfilling, healthy lives. Take a look at these innovative ways that Scoop Health supports our members over and above sharing costs.


Personal Member Advisor 

We assign each member of the Sedera medical cost sharing community their very own personal member advisor or helper. This person is there to guide you and your family in making the right choices for your wellbeing. 

  • Don’t know where to find a pediatrician in your new town? Ask your member advisor.
  • Need a second opinion? Call your member advisor.
  • Need help finding the cheapest place to fill your prescription? You guessed it – just contact your member advisor.


Direct Primary Care

We believe Direct Primary Care (DPC) or Virtual Direct Primary Care (VDCP) is key in keeping you and your family healthy. Our medical cost sharing members who also have a DPC or VDPC doctor approved by Scoop Health get a discount on their membership. DPC is a partnership between a patient and their doctor. A patient pays a small monthly service fee to the DPC doctor and in exchange, they receive unlimited primary care medical services from their own doctor. 

Scoop Health is here to help members find a DPC or VDPC doctor so that they can qualify and receive the membership discount. 

DPC or VDPC normally includes:

  • Guaranteed same or next-day appointments.
  • Members pay nothing to see their doctor, ever. Labs, medications and diagnostics may cost extra.
  • Secure communications app for anytime private access by phone, text or video. 
  • Chronic disease management. 
  • Discounted laboratory tests.
  • DPC doctors have longer appointment times because they take on fewer patients. This means that you actually get quality time with your doctor instead of being processed like you’re in a sausage factory.
  • VDPC practitioners offer these services virtually.


We Fight for Our Patients 

After a large medical expense, we negotiate the bills with your service provider. Sedera has many years of experience in medical price negotiation – and guess what? You have them in your corner.  By doing this, we save our members and our community large sums of money. This also translates to more stable rates and predictable monthly care expenses for our members.


Free Expert Second Opinions

When surgery is being advised, we pay for a free expert second opinion from a second MD. When you take advantage of this expert opinion – we will give the member a $250 discount on your IUA for the entire episode. We do this because we don’t want our members to go through any unnecessary procedures. We want to make sure that all members of our medical cost sharing community are getting the best possible care.  

Besides, when the doctor says they need to cut you open, you should be asking for a second opinion. With Scoop Health you get paid to make the right choice and hear from a second doctor, before they hack into your body and your bank account. 


Access to Health Resources 

Our members have access to many amazing online health resources and tools. These focus on all spheres of health, including mental wellness and weight loss. Platforms like Talkspace offer virtual counseling, while other platforms like Headspace help you to learn mindfulness techniques. All Sedera members also get three hours of free virtual counseling per year.

We also offer access to platforms like Fitbit and myfitnesspal to help you to track your fitness and set goals. More exciting still, our members have access to a pharmacy discount finder that works like Travelocity, only for medications.  Members have unlimited telemedicine visits, and member helpers to find the best prices on laboratory tests and diagnostic imaging. 

With Scoop Health and Sedera, our goal is to improve the health of all Americans. We believe in the power of medical cost sharing to address the financial crisis in our healthcare system. Your religious beliefs are your business, but your health and your health finances are ours.