Small Employers

Group Health Benefits for Businesses with Less than 50 Employees

Now any sized employer can provide outstanding and affordable group health benefits, that employees really love and appreciate. 

Plans are built on a foundation of unlimited, no-cost primary and preventative care.  A real money-saving health benefit that every employee will use and appreciate all year long.  For large medical needs, employees can choose either a low-cost medical cost-sharing plan or traditional health insurance if they like.  

Compared to traditional group health insurance employers are saving 30-60%.  No cost primary care means your employees will be saving money too.   

Employer Benefits

Reduce Turnover

Attract, Reward and Retain the best people by providing unlimited access to no-cost everyday care, and a reliable way to pay for the big stuff.

Increase Earnings

Reduce the cost of group benefits by as much as 60% compared to traditional health insurance..

Employee Benefits

Quality Healthcare

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Provider

Lower Monthly Cost

Save 30% - 60%.

Free Virtual Care

No co-pays, No limits

No Network Limits

No Insurance restricting care choices.

Next Steps

Learn more about how your business can provide valuable and affordable health benefits for all employees.