Disadvantages of Lunch and Learns


[aa_subtitle_display]Lunch and learns are gaining popularity in the office environment – especially over recent years.

While these presentations are becoming more and more common, that does not necessarily mean they are right for every office. While we have told you in an earlier article about the advantages of these programs, take a look at some of the disadvantages associated with the idea.

This will assist you in making a well-rounded decision about whether these are currently right for your office.

Disadvantages of Lunch and Learns

They could be costly

Even though you might not need to pay for the speaker, particularly if they are an internal employee, you will still need to pay for lunch for the attendees of these events.

While this probably would not be at a huge cost to your company, it still could have an impact. Between the time to coordinate the lunch, order it, set it up, and ensure it is properly cleaned – plus the actual cost of the food – the cost is not miniscule.

This is definitely something to consider when deciding whether you want to host these lunches in your office.


There could be too many attendees, or not enough

If too many of your employees want to attend the lunch and learn, it could mean that your business does not have enough manpower at that given time to properly function.

While this depends on the nature of your business, many offices require people on duty at all times to ensure great customer and client service.

On the flip side, if not enough people have interest in attending the lunch and learn, it could be a flop and lead to wasted time, money, and resources.

This could occur if you do not have a good read on your audience’s interests and if a topic that is not appealing is chosen.

Certain topics could be offensive

While a lunch and learn centering around a personal account or story is probably the kind that leaves the most lasting impression on an audience, these can also be tricky.

Many individuals are sensitive to particular topics, and the last thing you want is to offend anyone – whether it be about race, religion, age, or anything else.

This could lead to HR problems, extensive conversations, or a bad reputation of your company. This is certainly not something that you, as a business owner, is looking to deal with as it could get tricky and even awkward.


How a PEO Can Help

If you are weighing whether or not lunch and learns are the best idea for your company, a PEO can be of assistance in determining the value versus the cost and associated risks.

We understand that there are many complex and important issues that you face as a business owner, which is why it’s our mission to place you with a PEO that will best fit the needs of your organization.

Through our complimentary competitive analysis, we will match you with a PEO that would work best for you and give you a comparison of why we think they’re the most fitting. Call us today to get started.