Fun Employee Outing Ideas to Kick Off Spring


[aa_subtitle_display]Now that it’s sunny outside and everyone’s spirits seem to be lifted, it’s a great time to take the team out for something fun and to provide room for some bonding.

Why not kick off the season with something that will boost team morale even further than the nice weather already has, right?

We have some ideas for fun ways to get out of the office and enjoy each other’s company, so take a look at what we’ve come up with below.

Fun Employee Outing Ideas to Kick Off Spring

Do a workout class in the park

Why not take advantage of the nice weather while also encouraging everyone to get some exercise?

Doing a mild exercise class in the park – such as a yoga class – allows the team to get some fresh air, enjoy the beautiful weather, and to do something good for their bodies.

Plus, it will prove for a great bonding experience that they’re sure to enjoy. What a well-rounded activity that will be loved by all!

Spruce up the landscaping of your office

If you have an office with some outdoor space, do something fun and productive as a team. Use a nice afternoon to plant some flowers, trim hedges, and to beautify the outside of your office building.

It’d be great to work towards a common goal outside of the office, and everyone would undoubtedly appreciate seeing the beauty of the outdoors that they created every day on their way in and out of work.

Pick some fruit

Depending on what’s in season and what part of the country you live in, take the team to visit an orchard to pick some fresh fruits. Blueberries, strawberries, and peaches – oh my!

To make it even more fun, have a contest afterwards to see who can bake the most delicious confection with their pickings – making this a delicious and fun activity for all.

Take a flower arranging or terrarium class

To channel the vibes of the nicer weather, why not all learn something together?

Attend a flower arranging or terrarium building class to enhance your skills and allow everyone to go home with a fun keepsake that they will love looking at.

Attend a baseball game

Take them out to the ball game! ‘Tis the season hit the stadium, enjoy a hot dog, and root for the home team – so why not do it as a group?

This is a fun outing that will keep everyone entertained yet still allows employees to interact with each other.

As you can see, there are tons of out-of-the-box bonding activities to do together that will boost employee engagement and that will do wonders for morale. Get the team together and do something fun that all will enjoy, and we can promise the team will love being able to enjoy each other’s company as well as the amazing change in weather.