Medical Cost Sharing: The Best Answer to Health Benefits for Franchisees

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The key to growing any successful business is offering a better value proposition that serves your customers needs better than your competition. What is it that your franchise offers its operators and franchisees that other franchises don’t? 

Simple. Affordable health benefits for franchisees.

This may sound like an obvious answer. But there are reasons to avoid offering health benefits and it does come with its complications. There are laws in place that prevent you from offering health insurance to franchisees. However, the truth is, if you could find a way to do this as a franchisor, you would have more prospective franchisees knocking on your door. You’d also have more happy franchisees that would put the extra effort to grow and your franchise brand. Having affordable health benefits for franchisees can help your franchisees to attract, reward, and retain the best employees. All very important if you hope to open more franchise locations. 

So how can you make affordable health benefits available for your operators and franchisees, and why is this a good move for your franchise?


Franchisors and Franchisees: How The Relationship Should Work

Of course, it’s important to be mindful of what you can and can’t provide for your franchisees. To do this, you’ll need to clearly define your role and the role of your franchise operators. This will also help you to understand how you can offer health benefits for franchisees. Here is a quick breakdown of the role of franchisors and franchisees:

What is a Franchisor?

Simply put, a franchisor owns the business model, rights, and brand trademarks of a franchise. Franchisees then buy rights from the franchisor to operate under the franchise brand. In exchange, the franchisor gives the franchisee the basic framework and tools they need for their business to succeed. Some of the responsibilities of a franchisor include:

  • Providing the necessary training on the brand and its products and processes.
  • Guiding the franchisee on staff training, recruitment, and HR practices.
  • Having a branding and marketing strategy for the franchise.
  • Giving the franchisees the knowledge and tools they need to ensure the franchise is being run in the most efficient and profitable way. 


While providing health insurance for your franchisees is not going to be possible under the law, medical cost sharing is different from health insurance but it performs the same purpose of paying the large medical bills of its members. This is how it is easy for you to provide health benefits for franchisees.  All you have to do is show them the way to access Scoop Health, and they can sign up as individuals. Franchise owners can also offer medical cost sharing as the affordable health benefit franchise employees need to be happy working long term.  


What is a Franchisee?

Your franchisee pays you the franchisor to own and operate a business under your franchise’s brand and operational systems. Good franchisees stick to the processes that have been set in place. Some of the basic responsibilities of a franchisee include:

  • Having the ability to cover the initial costs of starting a new franchise.
  • Being healthy enough to pay for the ongoing royalties to the franchisor.
  • Follow the rules and policies set by the franchisor.
  • Informing the franchisor of any significant issues that may arise.

Finding affordable health benefits for your franchisees is an easy way to keep them healthy and happy, and interested in growing your franchise brand. Health benefits for franchisees are also a good way of attracting, rewarding and retaining great employees, as well as new prospective operators.

Why Franchisee Happiness Matters

Franchisees are the foot soldiers, and brand ambassadors of your franchise company. They are the ones who are face to face with customers. They do the hiring and firing and make sure everything is running smoothly inside the franchise. Having happy and healthy franchisees has direct benefits for your top line and your bottom line. So truthfully speaking, the more support you provide for your operators, the better the outcome for your franchise company. Health benefits for franchisees is one of the best ways you can do this. 

There are legal barriers stopping franchisors from providing health benefits for franchisees. But it’s no secret that the cost of healthcare in the United States is skyrocketing. Now more than ever, everyone is looking for the most affordable options for high-quality health care. Finding health benefits for franchisees is the best way to give them peace of mind that a medical disaster won’t wipe them out financially. 

As a franchisor, it is in your best interest to offer the most attractive solutions for potential franchisees to consider. Health coverage is expensive and a big consideration for any prospective franchise owner. You need to give them a reason to pick your brand over any other prospective franchise options. Providing access to affordable health benefits for franchise owners and their employees is really appreciated.  But there are laws in place preventing you from actually providing health insurance.  But you don’t need to pay for health insurance to offer health benefits for franchisees. There is an alternative for high-quality and affordable healthcare called medical cost sharing. 


The Direct Impact of Healthy Franchisees on a Franchise Brand

Competitive advantage is everything in the world of business. So it is wise to give your franchise operators and their employees every reason why they should become a part of your franchise.  As a franchisor, your role is to remove barriers and obstacles to franchise ownership. For the franchisee, it’s going to be a lot easier for them to attract the best employees if they have an attractive package to offer. Offering health benefits for franchisees allows them to find and keep the best employees and that’s vital to growing a franchise. 

By having health benefits to share with your franchisees, you can expand your network of franchise locations. Franchisees are searching for the best franchise brand to align with. Having an attractive employee benefits package with health coverage for franchise operators can help you to sell more franchises. And when you have happy franchisees, they will spread the word to other prospective franchisees too. The multiplier effect can only have a positive impact on your franchise growth. 

The key thing in business success is growth. One of the most important ways you can ensure continued growth is by offering health benefits for franchise employees. For existing franchisees, this is an opportunity to help them cement their existing standing in the market. Having health benefits for franchisees means being able to hire, reward and retain the best staff and expand your franchise empire. Most importantly, if you have healthy staff, you have optimal productivity and profits will certainly follow. Franchise owners and employees will call in for less sick days, which means more time to get work done and achieve company growth objectives. 


Making Choices: Affordable Health Benefits for Franchise Owner Operators.

Being a franchisor isn’t an easy feat. You carry the responsibility for your franchisees and their employees on your shoulders. The daily decisions you make have a direct impact on these people in your franchise and the families they support. This means that, when it comes to selecting health benefits for franchisees, you need to consider everyone’s interests as well as the cost.

The facts are clear. We all know that health insurance in the United States is beyond expensive. And the truth is, most working family members can’t afford to cover the costs of health insurance for their entire family. Everyone is pretty desperate for a cost-effective solution to pay for the medical treatments they need when they need them. One of the ways you can show the people in your franchise family that you truly care is by helping them to locate affordable health benefits for franchisees and their employees. A gesture like this can relieve them of so much stress and make them feel valued and appreciated. 

With that being said, you need to find a solution that your franchise business can afford. You need an employee benefits plan that employees can afford to use also.  By choosing employee health benefits that take their needs into consideration, you are reinforcing the fact that you care about them. This means a lot to employees and is often rewarded by loyalty and hard work.  By addressing their needs, everyone wins. So take the proactive approach. Get affordable solutions for healthcare and offer great health benefits for franchisees. 


Medical Cost Sharing: The Ultimate Way to Provide Health Benefits For Franchisees

Medical cost sharing from Scoop Health is an innovative solution for high-quality healthcare at a fraction of the cost. With the price of traditional health insurance increasing, medical cost sharing is the solution you have been looking for. You can save between 30 – 50% by opting for medical cost sharing. Unlike traditional health insurance, there is no open enrollment period. So you can start to offer affordable health benefits for franchisees at any time of the year. 

With Scoop Health, your franchisees and their employees have the option of visiting any doctor they want to since there are no network penalties like with health insurance.  Members are not restricted to any particular network or doctors. There are no annual caps either! So they can seek medical attention whenever they need to. Scoop Health is more than just a way to pay for medical expenses. 

We offer your franchisee an opportunity to join a family of like-minded individuals who will help them in their time of need. We encourage our medical cost sharing community to make healthy choices to keep the need for medical care as low as possible. This means that,  in the event of an emergency, there are funds that are immediately available to assist. 

At Scoop Health, we also offer a host of resources that make offering health benefits for franchisees even more affordable. This includes:

  • A personal member advisor: Advisors that are available around the clock to help your franchisees with any questions and needs they may have.
  • Telemedicine: Access to board-certified physicians to help over phone or video chat.
  • Expert second opinions: Access to doctors who can provide a second option through  SecondMD. 

So, choose medical cost sharing from Scoop Health. It is an easy and affordable way to offer health benefits for franchisees.