How to Recruit & Hire Young Talent


[aa_subtitle_display]As we discussed in an earlier article, there are benefits that are there for your company to reap should you choose to hire young talent and recent grads.

While we certainly understand the need for a wide demographic of employees, we wanted to give you some tips on hiring young talent. Millennials in the workforce seem to be a breed of their own, and the process of recruiting them could be something that takes a different approach than that of hiring others.

Here are our best tips to get young talent in the door for your business.


How to Recruit Young Talent


According to The Huffington Post, transparency is the key to successfully recruiting and hiring millennials. The source states that recent graduates expect and value genuine interactions as well as full disclosure, and that they can easily spot “sales” pitches about your company, which fail to impress them.

Additionally, the power of social media plays a role in this, since sites like Glassdoor are a place frequented by millennials to glean the public’s opinion on a company.

Use a variety of tools

In addition to your normal recruiting and hiring mantra of a face-to-face interview, also take advantage of other avenues to attain young talent at your business.

Attending career fairs at nearby colleges and spreading the word about your business as well as making use of interview options such as phone screens or video conference interviews could allow almost-graduates to start the dialogue with you and begin the interview process in a more convenient way for them.

Of course, stick to your tried-and-true practices, but do not be afraid to throw some more innovative ones into the mix.


Show them your company shares their values

Understanding the values of millennials is a crucial step towards hiring them and growing them into successful employees at your company.

To do so, ensure during the interview process that you delve into what their individual values are and match them to that of your business.

If that connection does not exist, chances are that this will not be a long-term employee and thus it may not be a hire that your organization wants to make.

Build your relationship with millennials while they are still students

Recognizing top students in your industry when they are more towards the beginning of their career is a great way to open the door to the relationship and thus a future hire.

Offering these students internships throughout their college careers is mutually beneficial – it gives them applicable training and experience and it acts as a “trial” for your company to see if the candidate would actually be a good match, culture and skill wise.

Also, having interns is a great way to spread the word about your business in general and build its reputation.


The Bottom Line

Taking those tips into consideration, another effective way to set your company up to attract younger talent is to work with an effective PEO. Our company can help match you with one that is best suited for your organization through our complimentary competitive analysis. Contact us today to start the process of finding the best PEO for your business.