How to Integrate New Employees into a Tight-Knit Group


[aa_subtitle_display]When it comes to adding new employees to a tight-knit team, it can certainly seem like a tall order to fill. Additionally, it may be intimidating for the new employee to join a group that seems to already have their own relationships and groove going.

But, that does not mean it has to be difficult or a long process. In fact, there are easy “tricks” associated with blending new employees into a team that is already working together seamlessly. We have compiled our favorite tips to integrating new employees in no time at all.


How to Flawlessly Integrate a New Employee

Match the employee to the culture

The first step is to effectively recruit a new employee that you feel has the correct values, abilities, interests, and desire to fit in with the culture that is already present in your office.

If you fail to do your due diligence to find an employee that matches the culture, odds are – unfortunately – that the hire will not ultimately be a successful one.

You want to get your return on investment once you hire and train someone, so from the start make sure that they are someone you could see succeeding in the environment that exists.

Schedule on-boarding lunches

When employees are new, it can be intimidating to interact with people on a group level. In order to allow the employee to get to know new colleagues on a one-on-one basis, schedule on-boarding lunches with either the new employee and one other individual or a small group.

This will allow them to comfortably get to know each other and feel better about interacting with the group as a whole.

Have manager check-ins

Ensuring that a manager is touching base with the new hire regularly, even if it is quickly, is a great way to stay in the loop of how they are feeling and monitor how well they are melding with the group.

This time also allows a manager to get a good idea of how training is going and understand the employee’s comfort level with the environment and culture.

Make feedback a two way street

Especially during planned check-ins, provide the new employee with feedback on their training but also solicit feedback on the process as well. Show the new hire that their opinion matters to you and that you want to make your company a place they enjoy working.

This could go a long way and will certainly help the new hire feel more comfortable in their new surroundings.


The Bottom Line

We realize how important it is to you that your office has a great sense of community and that new hires easily adapt to the environment and are welcomed into the group.

Your PEO can help put policies in place and make suggestions on how to best welcome new employees to the group as your company continues to grow. We are happy to offer a complimentary competitive analysis to match you with the PEO that is the best fit for your business.