Are You Setting Expectations Clearly with Your Employees?


[aa_subtitle_display]Your business is very important to you, and for that reason you have high expectations of not only yourself but of those that you rely on to keep it, move it forward every day – your employees.

But are you communicating those expectations clearly enough with your employees?

At times, it can be easy to assume that those around us will automatically be aware of our high standards and will naturally rise to meet them. But, this may not be the case.

In order to effectively hold your employees accountable to the way you want them to act, it is important to clearly set expectations with each of them.

How should you set expectations with your employees?

To do this, you need to communicate regularly and clearly. Leave no room for ambiguity surrounding what you expect from your employees, completely mapping out what you expect out of them with deliverables, in regards to meeting goals, and in conjunction with their evolution.

It is also important to set time “periods” on these expectations instead of making them open ended. A good way to set these is through performance reviews where these expectations are clearly documented, which leaves no room for dispute over what was agreed on.

Another important aspect of setting expectations is to correctly match them to the individual. Be reasonable and realistic when setting them. Do not set your employees up for failure by requesting too much of them.

Be open to their feedback during these conversations and make the goals customized to that person by taking in their input and understanding what goals they personally are looking to achieve.

In addition to this, show your employees you are committed to their prosperity by helping them map out their road to success.

Show them not only that you believe in their skills and abilities, but that you also are willing to provide them with the guidance and resources to achieve their goals.

Finally, make expectations public and known within the community. Doing so will help people hold themselves and those around them accountable to striving to reach them on a daily basis.


Why is it important to set expectations?

Believe it or not, setting clear expectations with your employees can increase productivity in the workplace. When there is no room for questioning what the goals for each person are, they can more easily work to achieve them rather than struggling with any ambiguity that could have existed without them.

Additionally, employees that are able to mentally “check off” goals that are met will feel more fulfilled and happy with their job, as well as confident in their abilities. Finally, even though we hate to say it

– setting clear expectations will easily indicate which employees are not stepping up, easily showing any low-performing workers that need discipline or to be dismissed.


How a PEO Can Help

Allow us to help pair you with the PEO that will best guide you towards aligning your employees towards the correct expectations and goals. This will make you a more effective leader, your business more productive, and your employees happier.