The Signs of Poor Morale in the Workplace


[aa_subtitle_display]Poor morale can be very “damaging” to your company, leading to dissatisfied employees that may ultimately leave your company, driving up your turnover rate and raising recruiting and training costs.

No manager, company owner, or leader, wants to see their employees unhappy, first of all because they care for those that work for them, and second of all because they know it is bad for the organization as a whole.

Thus, it is important to recognize the signs of poor morale in your employees. Take a look at the tell-tale signs to look for.


The Signs of Poor Morale at your Company

Increased errors

Increased work-related errors is a sign of poor employee morale. Be sure to take note when there are an uptick in errors on the work put forth in order to realize when to dig into whether there is a morale problem.

A lack of enthusiasm or employee engagement

If you are noticing that your employees are not as happy-go-lucky or enthusiastic about their work in general, they may be suffering from a morale problem. The same goes for when you are noticing a dip in employee engagement.

This behavior can manifest itself in some fairly obvious ways – for instance dead silence at employee or team meetings that are usually filled with robust engagement and participation.

Increased workplace conflicts

If colleagues are experiencing an increased number of spats or conflicts about seemingly small issues, this could be symptomatic of deep-rooted morale issues that are leading to more irritable employees.

Uncooperative employees

When employees are displaying an uncooperative attitude and are unwilling to participate in events, contribute to projects or initiatives, or are all-around unwilling to be a part of things going on at the company, it can point to low levels of morale and happiness.

Complaining employees

When you find employees commiserating together and having “gripe sessions”, it is typically a huge sign that points to low morale among colleagues and this is an important behavior to put to a stop immediately.

Remember that poor morale can spread like a plague in your workplace, so it is not something to mess around with when you see employees spreading negativity.

Increased fault-finding

If you’re noticing employees nit-picking every little thing within your business – whether it be at staff meetings, in performance evaluations, or just generally around the office

– it is a sign that they are unhappy for some reason or another.


How a PEO Can Help

Your PEO can be effective in helping you recognize the signs of low morale and offering useful guidance of what to do about it.

This can be a sensitive problem to broach, so we understand the need for help when working to restore the happiness in your office.

We can match you with the best PEO for your business via our complimentary competitive analysis. Call us today to get started on the path towards finding the perfect PEO for your organization and towards happy and fulfilled employees!