Why Employees Love Direct Primary Care


[aa_subtitle_display]In a world of poor insurance coverage, long waits at doctor’s offices, and limited face time with your actual physician, Direct Primary Care (DPC) simplifies the world of healthcare.  Especially for employees.

While we recently posted about how Direct Primary Care changes the process for doctors and enhances their doctor-patient relationships, today we will discuss reasons why patients love it.

After reading these, we have a hunch that you’ll want to offer this as a benefit to your employees to increase their workplace satisfaction and overall happiness.

Reasons Why Patients Love Direct Primary Care…

More face time with their physician

A New York Times article highlighted that typical doctors are spending less time with their patients than ever before. The article cites that in a study conducted by John Hopkins University, doctors were spending a mere 8 minutes with each patient, equating to only 12% of their overall work time.

The rest of their time was dedicated to completing paperwork. Additionally, doctors were seeing such a high number of patients that it dictated the shorter appointment times. This can be frustrating to patients as they are making their visit specifically to see their doctor, and a short visit does not leave much time to explain symptoms, discuss concerns, or question treatments.

With Direct Primary Care, doctors are not burdened to completing paperwork as there is no insurance company involved. Doctors also do not take on as many patients in this model, meaning they can devote a significant amount more time to each patient that they see.

Shorter appointment wait times

After delving into research conducted in major cities, Forbes recently posted about wait times to make doctor’s appointments. On average, patients waited 24 days to get an appointment with their doctor, and in some cities – like Boston – average wait times could be over 50 days.

This can be attributed to doctors taking on too many patients at their practice and being over-stretched. Reports also show that patients wait an average of 19 minutes and 16 seconds waiting to see their clinician once they are actually at their doctor’s office.

Both of these wait times – to schedule an appointment and to actually see a doctor once you’re there – are shortened significantly in the DPC model. Doctors have less on their plates and they always prioritize their time with patients, so individuals should expect to get appointments within days and to have minimal wait time once they arrive at the office.  Same day or next day appointments are the norm.  Often someone can reach their doctor within hours, or just minutes, using text messaging or smartphone app.

It’s less hassle overall

Let’s face it – no one likes going to a doctor’s appointment. However, DPC takes all the hassle out of it.

Gone are the days of filing insurance claims, filling out an abundance of paperwork, and spending over an hour at your appointment only to see your doctor for a mere few minutes. Everyone is looking for more simplicity in their lives, and this is the perfect way to go about receiving it.

There you have it! Patients are loving the personalized care and attention they receive under a DPC plan, and your employees can love it too. Contact us today to learn more!  DPC cost less than $100 per month and we can show you how it’s possible to offer it for FREE.